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Principal’s Message

The advancement of technology into our lives is faster than the speed of sound or light. But in this process we are forgetting the basic elements of life. ‘The basic 4 Cs’-Courtesy, Compassion, Co-ordination & Calmness.
At the Vyasa International School,  we want our future citizens to remember not only the lessons of Inventions of Science, Lessons of History or Interpretations of Math, but also the Lessons on the Values of Life. This can be generated when we strive to nurture the child’s mind to be  sensitised towards being Courteous- being respectful to one and all. To develop the art of Coordination-enabling them to be confident in working as a team.  Having the Compassion to empathise- putting oneself in the other person’s shoes & understanding their perspective. Having the Calmness of the mind- not have any bigoted, opinionated or  intolerant behavior in any aggressive situation. These elements can be developed with the practice of yoga and meditation which will help the  individual be rational and responsible in any given situation.
I look towards the future of this school with a vision to nurture each and every student with integrity and produce conscientious, smart and confident citizens. I hope to achieve it with all your cooperation in the years to come.

Wishing everyone a great year ahead.
Warm Regards
Himani Madhwani

Vyasa International School