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Director of Admissions

Shruthi Raju - Vyasa International School



The Director of Admissions is Shruthi Raju, an MSc in Business Psychology from the University of Westminister, London, BA from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore and Outstanding grade in Economic Honors from St. Joseph’s Evening College, Bangalore. She was elected into the student government in MCC and has been awarded the Women of the Future, 2016 FICCI.

After college, she set up a Spinning and Weaving unit to produce differentiated and unique handlooms out of natural fibers like banana, khus, korai etc.


She is also co-founder of Underdog Entertainment, and has been involved as a playwright, director, producer and actor and staged over 100 shows and 18 original scripts across the country. An anti-thesis to the contrived and commercial entertainment, it is a new brand of theatre that infuses poetry, guitar humor and theatre as one, it appeals to a cross-section of people for being fun, real and relatable.

As the Director of Admissions at Vyasa International School, she oversees the brand, and the very broad educational programme that the school offers its students. The curriculum at Vyasa is seen to not only encompass the academia, but all those many activities like music, dance, art, theatre, sports, community outreach and cultural exposure which are integral to a student’s life.

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