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Events at VIS!!

This year has been packed with activities and has kept the children and staff on their toes. Students have had interactive sessions with visiting authors, taken part in several Interschool Competitions, bringing back medals and accolades for themselves and the school.

 Inter- School Football and Basketball match


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Faculty Development program

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Student Exchange program to Netherlands!!

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Spell Buzz Competition at Regency Public School!

IMG-20180728-WA0033 IMG-20180728-WA0034

Amphitheater Inauguration Program !!

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The Pre-Primary section had “Grandparents Day” which saw a huge turnout and active participation by the grandparents and grandchildren alike.

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“Red Day” and “Green Day” was celebrated in Pre-Primary to introduce the colour concepts. ” A theme based Fancy Dress Competition was organised. The themes were “Nature” for Nursery, “Electronic Gadgets” for LKG, and “Classroom Stationary” for UKG.

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Vyasa has organised an exchange program with “t Atrium”, a school in Netherlands,for the second consecutive year.The Dutch Educators and students spent  a few days interacting with the management, staff and students at Vyasa exchanging ideas to enhance  classroom performance and  safety precautions.

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The East West Blend – The Exchange Program –A few students from the Netherlands spent a light hearted moment with the Government School children.

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Reaching out to the less privileged-  Our Community Project-


Our Community Project – The children from the local Government school enjoy a day spent at Vyasa.

Children across the school have had a day out on a field trip ………..

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The National Library Week was a huge hit with the children, with a variety of activities planned and conducted by our Librarian. Parents were invited to judge the competitions.

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 Art and Craft is the best class ever!  Plenty of exciting things to create ……..It is fun all the way.

I am so proud of my clay model!


Hard at work creating a  Masterpiece.


Sculpting a Dinosaur  and the Wise Old Owls.



Cardboard crafted Tanks ……War games  anyone?


 A dance workshop organised by the British Council and conducted by the world renowned John Mcgregor troupe was conducted in-house.

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Independence Day,Hindi Divas, Kannada Rajyotsava were celebrated in the school. The students singing the National Anthem.


We enjoy the entertainment put together by our class mates.


 Bringing alive the scenes of yesteryear.


We are waiting our turn…


The Thematic project, which is an annual feature, was on “Economy” this year. The children showcased their ideas in innovative and creative ways.

Back to nature


 R.K.Narayanan’s  “Malgudi Days” recreated.


Signs of a healthy economy.


World famous tourist spots.


The Sports Day at Vyasa had all the students involved and competing with each other in true sportsmen spirit.

Starting with the March Past.


The School Band….


This is the way to go !


 A High Five for a task well done.


Running to win!


Students participated in a marathon at Yelahanka, majority of them earn a Medal.


A week long movie marathon was screened for the students, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The children were shown age appropriate movies. Parents were invited to the Movie screening too. They also picked up a few finer points on shooting a short film.

A couple of snapshots of the Career Counseling sessions and  Club  activities.