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Inclusive Learning

Inclusive Learning

Vyasa International School and PU College believes in the principles of Inclusive Education. The School identifies the needs and introduces appropriate modifications in curriculum to suit the needs of the students whose pattern of learning is different. The students with Special Education Needs are encouraged to study with the mainstream. Each student is closely guided and encouraged to participate in sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The Counsellor, at the beginning of each session, a standardized spelling test is conducted to screen and identify children with possible learning difficulties. Once identified, structural changes are introduced in the students’ daily schedule to accommodate special classes. A system of parallel classes has been incorporated to teach subjects like Mathematics and Physics for senior classes. This is part of the exclusive setup.

The progress of students and the success of strategies are monitored. During the course of the year, if it is felt that a child may need additional guidance, more detailed evaluation is conducted, at times by external experts, to get a comprehensive picture and the child is provided with remediation accordingly.

The parents are duly involved in this slightly different learning process of their child.