Best High School Education in Bangalore with Vyasa International School

When your child moves to their high-school grades, you’ll find them question everything around. A child with a knack for growing their knowledge will always make sure to find answers.

Hence, the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th would be the perfect last puzzle piece for your ward to learn, grow, and excel. And at Vyasa International School, the students feel encouraged to pursue enhancing their knowledge outside of their academic learning.

What does VIS Provide?

Vyasa ensures to create leaders, friends, and authoritative figures who can work alongside others. Independent thinking and an urge to investigate are positive behaviors from wards. And to polish such practices, you can look to Vyasa, one of the Best Schools for Grade 11 in North Bangalore.

Here, the teachers encourage discussion, solving clues, questioning, and queries. Vyasa International School understands the importance of being curious, especially for teenagers in grades 11 and 12.

Therefore, critical thinking, interpretation, and observations are key features of a ward that the school focuses on to enhance. With the help of career counseling sessions, Vyasa supports every student’s future professional goals achievement.

And being one of the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th, Model United Nations Program allows students to glimpse and gain a practical understanding of the real-world issues around them.

Vyasa also encourages Cultural Exchange Programs to help young adults expand their global perspective, thus molding their personalities for challenges.

Your child at Vyasa, one of the Best Schools for Grade 11 in North Bangalore, won’t carry on the fear of teachers like before. Here, healthy and impactful student-teacher bonds that last a lifetime.

Benefits for the Students

Being one of the Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th, Vyasa International School believes in 5 aspects of a student’s life:

  • The feeling of unity and belonging.
  • The aim to achieve power.
  • Survival tactics for the real world ahead.
  • Freedom of youth, &
  • Absolute and unadulterated fun.

And Vyasa, belonging among the Best Schools for Grade 11 in North Bangalore ensures all the above necessities for their young students.


Grade Nursery to 2

We at Vyasa believe that every child is unique, and requires the right platform for learning and development through enabling positive environments. Our curriculum focuses to familiarize the child with necessary pre-writing skills,... phonetic sounds, recognition of letters, mathematics concepts and general awareness. A stress-free happy environment where focus is on Overall development – physical, language, social, cognitive, creative and intellectual.

Grade 3 to 5

These years are very crucial in the life as a student and form the foundation for the years to come. At Vyasa we follow an Integrated curriculum that connects different areas of study by cutting across subject-matter lines and emphasizing unifying ...concepts. Integration focuses on making connections for students, allowing them to engage in relevant, meaningful activities that can be connected to real life.

Middle School

This phase is a transition from knowledge to application. The students will deepen their knowledge in their core subjects, develop independent learning strategies and study skills. They deepen their reading comprehension ... and writing skills while exploring classic literature.

Secondary School

These years at Vyasa prepares a student for life! The students acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for the development of the self and the nation. They enhance understanding and respect for own and other people's ... cultures and their place in contemporary society. We help them build a firm foundation for further education and training by developing an ability for enquiry, critical thinking and rational judgment. The students are groomed into responsible self-disciplined individuals.

Vyasa Way

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