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In the age of technology, every parent wants their child to extract the best from technology and keep our sacred traditions of the east. Vyasa International was founded with a similar motto of “Draw the best from the West, but more of East, learning to be Feast.”

Top CBSE Schools in Bangalore are turning towards this motto. Today’s tech-savvy parents and education professionals alike have adopted Vyasa International’s learning ideology. Afterall in the age of globalization, every student must learn of his/her country’s individuality. Students in good CBSE Schools in Bangalore are future leaders and big executives. At Vyasa International, we ensure that our children are competitive, along with a unique individual personality.

An expert faculty and dedicated knowledge centre keep Vyasites always updated with the latest technology. Regular student counselling ensures that children learn new technology in synergy with eastern wisdom. An all-over Bangalore grid of transportation services make sure that your children continue their studies regularly.

At Vyasa’s, CBSE Best school in Bangalore, we engage our students with their future professional life through Tech Treks to India’s Silicon Valley. Students get a firsthand look into the lives of India’s tech companies in a truly global working environment. Give your children the best of the west along with the basics of the east to help them realize their talents and dreams while staying true to their cultural feasts. At Vyasa, children look forward to school days. Thanks to the encouraging environment that our teachers strive to breed. Vyasites are always looking forward to more learning opportunities.

Vyasa is equipped with state of the art facilities that enable every child to get the much needed individual interaction with technology. The top CBSE Schools in Bangalore thrive on activity-based learning, at Vyasa, we strive for holistic development along with activities. A holistic environment for children to grow in every aspect of life. In academics, sports, and artistic abilities, our students rank among the top performers in Bangalore while at the same time inspiring fellow students to adopt their strategies.


Grade Nursery to 2

We at Vyasa believe that every child is unique, and requires the right platform for learning and development through enabling positive environments. Our curriculum focuses to familiarize the child with necessary pre-writing skills,... phonetic sounds, recognition of letters, mathematics concepts and general awareness. A stress-free happy environment where focus is on Overall development – physical, language, social, cognitive, creative and intellectual.

Grade 3 to 5

These years are very crucial in the life as a student and form the foundation for the years to come. At Vyasa we follow an Integrated curriculum that connects different areas of study by cutting across subject-matter lines and emphasizing unifying ...concepts. Integration focuses on making connections for students, allowing them to engage in relevant, meaningful activities that can be connected to real life.

Middle School

This phase is a transition from knowledge to application. The students will deepen their knowledge in their core subjects, develop independent learning strategies and study skills. They deepen their reading comprehension ... and writing skills while exploring classic literature.

Secondary School

These years at Vyasa prepares a student for life! The students acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for the development of the self and the nation. They enhance understanding and respect for own and other people's ... cultures and their place in contemporary society. We help them build a firm foundation for further education and training by developing an ability for enquiry, critical thinking and rational judgment. The students are groomed into responsible self-disciplined individuals.

Vyasa Way

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